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2015 - The Year Of OpenSource Development

It’s not about the coding, it’s about that how you use it to connect people to things they need.

From 3D printers to Docker, open-source Development is Stimulating some of the hottest digital capabilities of our time. It has become pervasive to market as an adhesive between modern communication and enterprise business models.
As 2015 fall into the end, Hire Mobile Developer listed the top open source developments that will push the technology and mobile app development in new directions. Following are the top 10 identified trends.

The year of Open Source Development
1. Company Open Closed Doors
The biggest development in open source in 2015 was the trend of well established proprietary software companies starting to release their products into open source. Such as Apple's Swift, Google's Go, Mozilla's Rust and AMD's GPUOpen.
2. Startup With Open Source
Major companies and big brand names are dealing with open source projects to stay ahead of the market and enhance engagement towards technologies. For example: Microsoft rolled out its Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit to work with machine learning across distributed system. Other big brands name such as LinkedIn, eBay and Facebook all also have launched big open source projects.
3. Education
Open source and education, both concepts that fit together and complement each other incredibly well. Both focus on transparency and sharing information. There are many projects rolled out to brings these two concepts together.
FOSSEE (Free and OpenSource Software For Education) is a project that improve the quality of instruction and learning and have a aim to create a constructive and innovative learning and teaching environment.
4. Ubuntu Wins The Credit
With being opensource, Ubuntu has become mainstream for server applications. Success stories surrounding Ubuntu Linux must be included in any list of key open source developments. It has always been at the top of the list for desktop applications.
5. Android Gets Better
Like any widely-used technological product, Android have also their own set of strengths and weaknesses, but this is the year for android with releasing Android Marshamallow and with having 80.7% of OS market share with its great features that makes it better than other.
6. Container Technology
In the market of open source technology, container technology is on trending. In which Docker takes the credit, which is the one of most talked community that has the biggest names in IT- including Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM.
7. Movement To The Artificial Intelligence
Open source makes move to deep machine learning with more accessible. Google recently open-sourced its machine learning toolbox, named TensorFlow will have a huge impact on the development of all things related to AI.
8. Hardware Evolution
From Raspberry Pi Zero with cost of 5$ to Facebook's Big-Sur hardware, evolution of hardware eliminates the barrier to learning programming and lower the hardware price among the market. The availability of cheap hardware will advance the rapid domination of open source tools across the board in the rest of the development community.
9. Rising With The JavaScript
2015 was a pivotal year for JavaScript and the entire stack of open source technologies that support its client-side and server-side platform From Microsoft's ChakraCore, Node.js to Angular, Meteor to React, the platform found its legs in 2015.
10. Cloud Platform That Gets The Beef
With OpenSource Technology, Cloud platform is becoming more coherent, user-friendly non-terminal/UI-based technologies like GitHub Desktop coming into the cloud, making these technologies much more accessible to the masses.
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