Thursday, 19 November 2015

What to look when you hire mobile Developers

There are lots of mobile app developers for hire out there worldwide, but many of them are less than qualified. They all have differing experience levels, expertise skills and pay scales, but only dedicated developer ones can produce truly potential work. 

If you’re in the business of developing a successful app, then it’s important for your decision to be focused by factors other than budget. There are a lot of questions that you can consider before you make the decision to hire. A mobile developer should have the following qualities:
1.Years of experience
Sometimes mobile developers have tremendous expertise but have very little experience. This is most important factor that has to note down while hiring. Solution is that you have to just check their App portfolio and expertise on their respective platforms.

2. An excellent portfolio
This is the key factors to hire mobile developers. Have they built an amazing portfolio of successful apps on multiple platforms? Have they worked with many of companies, or some of the most famous brands in the world? How many hits he had got?

3. Technical Qualifications
Before you hire a mobile developer, you should assure that they have the technical skills to perform any programming task. A programmer is not only mankind that do coding; he should also be tester and artist own self.

4. Platform expertise
While hiring mobile developer, you should note that a programmer can’t be stuck any particular platform. He should be flexible on any platform. At least He should have basic logical knowledge of all platforms.

5. Time and Cost sensitive Approach
Almost anyone can create an app, but very few people know how to create an app well in time and cost effective approach. Dedicated Developer should be graph, offer a high-quality user experience, and meets the desired purpose and the client’s goals. 

6. Established Quality Assurance and Testing
Properly testing an app is a necessary step in a successful launch. If the app developer you’re hiring doesn’t have some basic knowledge of testing procedure, that’s sign to red flag.

7. Industry Standards Knowledge
This is the obvious necessary requirement for most app developers to have, but many newcomers don't know about nearly constantly changing guidelines of a popular OS like Android and iOS.

8. User Dependent Approach
Dedicated developers can customize their app’s design to create a fluent experience for users. The app developer you hire should that know about basic UX and UI. So that they can discuss and implement into app related to the intended purpose of the app, the business need, and the demographic information of the desired user.

9. Complete Transparency and Flexibility
You should hire that developer that can give constant involvement, communication with ease any time, possible solutions before the final app has been completed or launched.

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